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Wellness Visions Remote

The EESystem and Remote Technology

Image by Samuel Ferrara

EESystem On The Go


Enjoy benefits of the EESystem remotely! Receiving from the EESystem remotely does not replace the in person experience of the EESystem but rather supports your body moving throughout your day in between your in person sessions.

What is being experienced by remote members

~Feeling lighter
~More connected
~Intuition increased
~No pain
~Much energy... rarely tired
~Less negative thoughts (less recurrent thoughts in general)
~Increased feeling of well being
~Less bloated
~Ideas are abundant/ more creative
~More synchronicities
~Quick physical injury recovery 

~Weight Loss

~Increased focus

~ Deeper sleep

~ Increased productivity

~ More efficiency and ease in completing tasks

~More Centered

Watery Background

Sign up for Remote with the EESystem

Click the link below to sign up for EERemote. You will have some questions to answer and submit your photo. Please contact us with any questions. 
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